Community Projects

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OpenAM provides open source Authentication, Authorization, Entitlement and Federation software. Through OpenAM, the community actively continues development of OpenSSO.
The OpenDJ community actively develops open source directory services, including a high performance, highly available, secure directory server, built-in data replication, client tools, and an LDAP SDK.
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OpenIDM is an open standards based identity management solution. In addition to being open source, OpenIDM offers high flexibility in business process handling and compliance.
The Open Identity Connectors Framework and Toolkit (OpenICF) is built to help drive development of Connectors. Connectors provide a consistent generic layer between applications and target resources.
The Open Identity Gateway (OpenIG) is a high-performance reverse proxy with specialized session management and credential replay functionality. The goal of the OpenIG community is to extend both federated and traditional single sign-on to all web applications.