Get involved

The best way to participate to the I3 Open Platform is to get involved with one of its many communities.

Use the products and give us feedback

Using the products, asking questions, reporting bugs and making feature requests are critical parts of the project community. User feedback can strongly drive the projects and the technologies.

  • Find out about projects

  • Download releases

  • Report bugs/request features

Give back to the community

Beyond the user activities, it'd be great to see you participating with the development of the projects. This can mean getting involved with the discussions on the development mailing lists, answering user questions, providing patches for bugfixes or features, and helping to improve the documentation.

  • Checkout the latest code

  • Create bug/feature patches

  • Understand how it works and see other notes from contributors

Become an official contributor

Some community members are so involved they fix bugs themselves, or even add features to the software. We'd love to see your work! When you contribute your work back to the community, everyone benefits. You get the benefit of the whole developer community maintaining and improving the code you wrote, and the community gets the new capabilities you created.

When you contribute back to the community you show the commitment that means we can make you an official contributor and have you join in. When you signed up with, you accepted the terms of service, which includes the terms under which your contributions are made. This Agreement is not like other "Contributor Agreements" - it gives you the free choice of either contributing under the project's open source license or sharing ownership of the code with ForgeRock.