ForgeRock Open Source Community FAQ

Community Projects FAQ

Each project has its own FAQ for project-specific questions

Will you be using a contributor agreement?

No.  We believe accumulating the copyright to an open source project centrally - especially in the hand of a for-profit company - is bad for community relationships and best avoided. Copyright accumulation only becomes necessary when a business decides to use a business model that requires it. We devised a business model for ForgeRock that does not rely on copyright accumulation and thus we do not practice copyright accumulation. All the rights everyone in the project (including ForgeRock) needs are delivered through the OSI-approved open source license - the rights to use, study, modify and distribute the software.

When we started the OpenAM project, we did have a "community participation agreement" in place for everyone to complete, which ensured everyone was committed to licensing their contributions under the project's open source license (the CDDL in most cases for legacy reasons). We found that even the step of completing and returning that form was a barrier to community. We realised the Terms of Use for the community web sites actually included all the promises necessary, so we have scrapped use of the FCPA.

You forked existing projects to create the ones above. Will you fork all the projects you work on?

No. ForgeRock is committed to being a good community citizen. Where it is essential to offer hosting for a community (as has been necessary for OpenAM and OpenDJ) we will do so, but generally a fork should be the last resort. Where we become unable to make timely upstream contributions we will, however, create a downstream repository and in time such things do become forks.

What if I have questions about open source licensing, the terms of use or topics not covered in this FAQ?

Please address all questions on these subjects to the community ombudsman, ombudsman at forgerock dot com, who will consider all matters impartially. We'll update this FAQ as new questions emerge.